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Human Experience Testing

We help businesses and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior with world-leading eye tracking solutions and services. Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy, conducts attention based studies helping organizations make better business-critical decisions.

Add eye tracking to your research

Applications for eye tracking

Use eye tracking to deepen your understanding of human behavior and create new frontiers in fields such as psychology and neuroscience, infant and child development, clinical research, and more.
Eye tracking allows you to see things from the perspective of consumers. Whether you’re examining product placement, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, eye tracking accurately reveals what grabs attention, what influences purchase behavior, and how consumers engage with your product.
Eye tracking gives you a deeper understanding of how your workplace functions and how staff operate within it, allowing you to make changes to the way things are done and continually optimize your processes.


Eye Tracking Lab

An Eye Tracking LAB fully equipped with the latest hardware and software from Tobii.

Eye Tracking Rentals

We can accommodate different types of Eye Trackers from Tobii for rental.

Training and Consultations

We offer Training and Consultations on all Eye Tracking Products from Tobii.