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Sticky by Tobii Pro

Sticky by Tobii Pro is a self-service online platform that combines online survey questions with webcam eye tracking and emotion recognition, making advanced quantitative research simple. With this time and cost-efficient method of integrating eye tracking into your research, you can test large panels of consumers as they view targeted shelves, packs, ads, or webpages from their own computers or mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.​

New: Enabling eye tracking on all devices​

Technological advancements in mobile cameras and machine learning algorithms are enabling new ways of conducting eye tracking studies on mobile devices, without requiring any additional hardware or app installation. At Tobii Pro, we’ve used these advancements to make the leap to mobile capability. Our newest solution for Sticky enables wide-scale eye tracking studies that can be completed directly through a user’s handheld device.

As websites become mobile-first and social media becomes more significant in advertising and online shopping, this mobile solution allows you to gather unique insights into natural consumer behavior on the devices they use most frequently.

Webcam eye tracking and emotion analysis

For a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person research, the online platform Sticky by Tobii Pro enables large-scale quantitative eye tracking research and emotion recognition as a self-service. By tracking users’ eye movements on their mobile or computer, market researchers can gain valuable visual and emotional data on the impact and performance of existing or new designs and placements, for example, in advertising and packaging research. The platform is integrated with online survey engines and panel companies with global reach, enabling a distributed data collection setup and with a quick turnaround time.​

How online eye tracking works
Designing your study

Sticky is a cloud-based platform, allowing you to log in and conduct your research wherever you are. To set up a study, you can choose one of the pre-designed experiment templates including screener questions, instructions, media placeholders, and common survey questions. You can upload both images, such as ad or package designs, and videos as media. Our templates guide and speed up your preparations, reducing setup time to less than 10 minutes. If you need maximum flexibility, you may of course create your own experiment.

Launching your experiment

Through Sticky by Tobii Pro, you can access panels for quantitative sample sizes worldwide. Send the study to your desired participants, who will be able to participate through their web browser at home or from anywhere they are available and feel more comfortable, using the camera on their own mobile devices, no plug-ins or downloads required. Simple instructions, a short but effective calibration and advanced algorithms guarantee high data quality. Depending on your demographics and sample size, fielding can be as quick as 24hrs.​

Emotion analysis through facial recognition

Which emotions does your communication evoke and why? The automatic facial coding capability in Sticky by Tobii Pro helps to answer these critical questions . The webcam detects the participant’s facial expressions while they watch your media and Sticky returns the probability distribution of each of the six universal emotions. Using emotion analysis in conjunction with eye tracking uncovers not just what people are feeling towards your communication, but exactly what they are looking at on the screen when they feel that emotion. Only this way you get accurate knowledge if the story elements in your ad perform as intended and what might need changing.

Actionable results

When fielding is concluded, your online eye tracking results are presented as impactful visualizations, for example gaze plots or heat maps on your media, and data points like percentage seen or time viewed. Results from the emotion recognition are shown as intensity graphs for all six universal emotions as well as valence and mood graphs. Our guidance helps you turn the analytical results into actionable insights and recommendations, so you know which design option to choose going forward. Complimentary report templates make it easy for you to share those insights with your stakeholders or clients.

Fields of use for webcam eye tracking
Advertising Tests
Digital marketing is tough, ads are fighting for consumer attention in crowded online and print environments. Sticky by Tobii Pro helps you compare which variation of ad design captures and holds attention. It also delves into what elements of an ad are seen and how they resonate with your audience allowing you to finetune your content and design for maximum impact.
Video & Content Tests
Test and compare the performance of video concepts against several critical KPIs, before you put them into full production. With Sticky, you can gauge how the video resonates with your target audience in terms of engagement, emotional reaction, brand visibility and brand recall, allowing you to take the most effective concept to completion.  
Packaging Tests
Enhance your packaging effectiveness so that you stand out from the competition and win buyers with the right design. With Sticky you can examine your pack design in isolation to identify how consumers visually engage with key elements of your design. You can also test your product’s visibility amongst the competition on the shelf to find out how and recognizable your design is.