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Tobii Pro SDK

Free software development kit for building analytical applications to work with eye trackers from Tobii Pro. Offers multiple-platform support for several programming languages and prefabs for 3D engines.

Comprehensive toolkit for the development of analytical applications

The Tobii Pro SDK is a comprehensive toolkit to help researchers and software partners easily build analytical applications for research use with screen-based eye trackers from Tobii. It is designed specifically for the development of applications to analyze gaze data.


This kit supports the entire product portfolio of screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro. See details on the supported eye trackers.


Download the Pro SDK free of charge.


The Pro SDK is free of charge and requires programming skills in order to properly use it. Support access is limited to troubleshooting problems on the hardware and reporting possible bugs. Consultancy services are available for purchase if assistance is needed for programming.

One SDK, many applications

The Pro SDK offers multi-platform support (Windows, Linux and Mac), API bindings for several programming languages (.NET, Python, Matlab/Octave and C) and prefabs for 3D engines (Unity). This enables the development of many different kinds of analytical applications—from custom research paradigms for scientific research to commercial applications. Built on a solid foundation, the Pro SDK reuses functionality across the different platforms and bindings. 

See details on the supported platforms and languages.

Advanced gaze data for your research

The Pro SDK gives you access to advanced gaze data streams that are relevant to your research.

  • Gaze data is provided as raw data separately for left and right eyes and shows the gaze origin in space (3D eye coordinates), gaze point, and pupil diameter (GazeData)
  • External TTL event signals from the eye tracker’s sync-in port enable the synchronization of eye tracking data with other biometric data streams (ExternalSignal, only available for Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro TX300)
  • Eye images (only available for Pro Spectrum)
  • Eye tracker status and notifications

The Pro SDK is the ideal and only choice for researchers who want to develop analytical applications, i.e. applications that analyze behavior based on data from the eye tracker. Other Tobii SDKs do not include a license for analytical use. Please see the end-user license agreements of Tobii’s SDKs for more details.

Precise timing control

The Pro SDK offers advanced timing support, giving researchers precise timing control.

  • All data streamed from the eye tracker and supplied by the Pro SDK are timestamped by both the eye tracker´s clock and the computer’s clock
  • The Pro SDK automatically compensates for time differences in real time, providing millisecond synchronization accuracy
  • Researchers are able to do post adjustments using the TimeReference stream for extreme demands on synchronization accuracy
Designed for ease-of-use

The Pro SDK is designed to be easy to use for researchers and students without compromising the functionality needed by experienced developers.

  • API bindings are tailored for each language environment/framework in order to be intuitive for developers
  • The Pro SDK is thread-safe
  • Comprehensive documentation includes release notes, initial instructions, detailed descriptions of various concepts, and concise reference documentation for all supported languages
  • Download and implement an add-on to easily validate that a user is calibrated correctly. Open-source add-ons are available at GitHub

Go to the Tobii Pro SDK documentation

Open source research toolbox support

Support for the Pro SDK has been added in common frameworks, facilitating the development of eye tracking-based experiments in research applications.

  • Full integration with PyGaze (Python), enabling easier use of eye trackers from Tobii Pro
  • Comprehensive code example, guiding the use of the Pro SDK with Psychtoolbox (Matlab)
Efficiency with the Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager

The Pro SDK is complemented by the Pro Eye Tracker Manager, free software that helps you manage and set up your eye tracker.

The common parts of the workflow for an analytical eye tracking application are supported by this tool, which can be seamlessly integrated with analytical applications built on the Pro SDK using call-in functions. This includes configuring the display area, viewing the track status (a visualization of the head box), and conducting user calibration.

Depending on the eye tracker model, the Pro Eye Tracker Manager will also allow you to update the firmware and change the sampling frequency.

To learn more and download the free Pro Eye Tracker Manager, go here.

Migration from earlier SDK's

The Pro SDK replaces our previous Tobii Pro Analytics SDK.

For current users of the Pro Analytics SDK, see the Pro SDK documentation for migration notes.

For users who would like to get access to the Pro Analytics SDK, please contact our support team.

Supported platforms

Below are the versions of the different operating systems we guarantee the Pro SDK will work with. The kit will most likely work with other versions as well, but these are the only ones we are assured will work through extensive testing performed by our team.

Please verify what platforms are supported for each product on their individual product pages.

32 bit

64 bit

64 bit

Mac OS X 
64 bit

Supported version

7, 8, 10

7, 8, 10

Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04

10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave)

Supported programming languages and 3D engines

The languages listed below are supported by the given platforms, as long as the versions of the platforms correspond to the table above.

.NET 4.5

2.7, 3.6

2016 A & B, 2015 B
Octave 4.2.2





















Supported Tobii Pro eye trackers

The following eye trackers from Tobii Pro are compatible with the Pro SDK by default:
(Please verify what platforms that is supported for each product on their individual product pages.)

Note that the following discontinued products are also compatible with the Pro SDK:

  • Tobii Pro X3-120
  • Tobii Pro X2-30
  • Tobii Pro X2-60
  • Tobii Pro VR Integration
  • Tobii Pro TX300
  • Tobii Pro T60 XL
  • Tobii T120
  • Tobii T60
  • Tobii X120
  • Tobii X60
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