Consort XPR

Lab Setup and Method Development

Consulting services to help you set-up your eye tracking lab, develop methods and perform studies. Provides a cost-efficient way to maximize the impact and profitability of your eye tracking research.

Get the most out of your eye tracking research

Let our eye tracking experts help you with your specific needs and projects. Our consulting services range from setting up a complete eye tracking lab to developing valid and profitable eye tracking-enabled behavioral research methods.

Examples of our areas of expertise:

  • Eye tracking research
  • Eye tracking equipment—usage and setup
  • Research lab setup
  • Behavioral research
  • Commercial behavioral research, such as usability or market research
  • Methods for behavioral research
Lab setup consultation

A research lab is a sophisticated system. It has to be a friendly environment for the research subject, yet it is also a complex system of integrated parts, every aspect of which must be controlled.

Our consultants will help you to:

  • define system requirements before you build your eye tracking lab
  • fine-tune and maximize the performance of your eye tracking lab
  • enable real-time remote viewing of eye tracking data from a viewing room
  • integrate your eye tracker with third-party software (e.g. E-Prime PST, Noldus Observer, MATLAB)
  • integrate your eye tracker with EEG systems or biofeedback sensors
  • solve any other eye tracking-related challenge that you may face in your lab
Method development consultation

Test methods and processes are at the core of every market research or usability project. They are the difference between an expensive failure and a profitable success. Test methods and processes must ensure that the collected data is both valid and reliable. At the same time they must be cost-efficient so that the project is profitable.

Our consultants will help you to:

  • integrate eye tracking methodology and processes into your current set of market research methods and processes
  • optimize your current eye tracking methods and processes to become more successful and profitable
  • handle complex eye tracking studies such as quantitative in-store research with Tobii Pro Glasses or studies on mobile devices inside and outside the research lab
  • become an expert at using eye tracking results to communicate the value of your research to stakeholders inside and outside your organization
  • moderate internal or external workshops to inform, educate or promote the value of eye tracking for market research
  • overcome any eye tracking-related challenge that you may face in your research projects