Consort XPR

Shopper Research

Get a more accurate and comprehensive view of the shopper journey through eye tracking research. Use this insight to understand what motivates your customers to buy and develop a strategy that reflects their wants and expectations.

How eye tracking enhances shopper research

Brands are increasingly turning to data to help drive business decisions but getting the right data can be more difficult than you think. Eye tracking delivers unique insights into shopper behavior and gives a clear indication of what factors influence purchase choices by revealing visual attention and subconscious actions. This information allows you to make the most informed decisions on how you engage consumers and nurture their journey with your brand.

Your options for using eye tracking
Do it yourself 
Understand what influences shopper behavior both online and in-store. Eye tracking reveals deep insights into what captures attention and drives decision making in the purchase process. Use these insights to tailor your path to purchase and increase conversions in a more effective way.
Observe shopper experience

Explore shopper behavior and see what drives decision making.


Optimize the shopper journey 

Understand consumer interaction in detail and optimize touchpoints for conversion.


Let us do it for you

Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy, can run personalized studies for you from beginning to end. Get fast and accurate answers to questions you have about consumer behavior at every touchpoint in the consumer journey.