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Packaging Research

Test and compare packaging design alternatives or assess how yours performs against your competitors’.

How eye tracking helps you test alternatives and validate decisions

Eye tracking allows you to see how your product is viewed from the perspective of the consumer. This lets you assess if key attributes are effectively communicated and measure other things like findability, brand recognition, shelf positioning, and visual appeal. This can be done in isolation, against your own alternatives, or in direct comparison with your competitors’ designs. No matter what phase of the design process you are in, eye tracking provides unbiased answers on what elements of your packaging work and which need improvement so you can quickly and easily optimize your design. 

Optimize packaging design with Sticky by Tobii Pro

Compare design alternatives or run a comparative analysis online with test participants anywhere in the world. Sticky by Tobii Pro, our online self-service platform, uses webcam eye tracking on computers or mobile devices to give you accurate and unbiased data on the performance of your packaging designs. Upload your designs and create your own survey questions and we will deliver the results of your study in an easy-to-understand format.

Want us to do the research for you?

Want to run more comprehensive projects or in-store studies? Our research consultancy, Tobii Pro Insight, can run your study from beginning to end, including participant recruitment, as well as study setup and analysis. This is ideal for those looking to test packaging in a store environment or explore the effectiveness of point of sale material.

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