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Make your advertising more effective by understanding if it captures attention and creates engagement. Eye tracking gives you accurate answers on key questions about your ads so you can be confident your campaign will achieve its goals.

How eye tracking makes advertising more effective

Take the guesswork out of producing a winning ad design or concept. Eye tracking gives you accurate answers on whether your ad captures attention and engages viewers the way you want it to. You can test and compare concepts to see what elements are seen or ignored, how they resonate with your audience, and what effect they have on brand recall and purchase intent. Eye tracking delivers insights on true audience engagement, which conventional performance metrics fail to deliver.

Optimize advertising online with Sticky by Tobii Pro

Compare design alternatives or run a comparative analysis online with test participants anywhere in the world. Sticky by Tobii Pro, our online self-service platform, uses webcam eye tracking on computers or mobile devices to give you accurate and unbiased data on the performance of your packaging designs. Upload your designs and create your own survey questions and we will deliver the results of your study in an easy-to-understand format.

Want us to do the work for you?

When you want to take advertising research into the real world or simply want expert help running online studies, Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy, can conduct a tailored eye tracking study for you. We give you actionable insights on the performance of your point of sale or out-of-home advertising, so you can more effectively direct resources and increase ROI. We can also help with running advertising research studies in virtual reality. VR offers many benefits, including the possibility to easily scale research globally. It also removes the need for physical infrastructure, so you can quickly test different scenarios at the click of a button.

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